The Agency

We provide valuable resource and expertise across a range of disciplines to
benefit all areas of your business.

About Us

We are all about ideas and innovation. We have been working with startups for over 5 years. We are the only digital agency in London dedicated to small business and startup and that’s what makes us special.

The reason we choose small businesses over large enterprise is because we love challenges and moreover see the fruit of our work.

We provide all sorts of services to accommodate with your business. Whether you are looking for a new website, or simply want to generate more traffic to your website, we guarantee to provide you with the most affordable solutions done by professionals

Our Mission

Over the years we have seen startup turning into successful firms and that’s basically our aims. You may wonder then what’s our deal?

Think of it this way, the most success you have, the more successful we become. Lot of success here 😛

Let us help your business find the most practical and affordable solution for your website.

Why 5th Floor?

Here at 5th Floor, we believe that all ideas have the potential to change the world, that’s why we want to hear about them and turn your vision into a reality.

We understand that setting up a business can sometimes be challenging, that’s why we offer free advice, unbeatable prices and funding options




Amina Grabowski


Originally from France, Amina Grabowski founded 5th Floor back in 2016. Graduated from City University with a 1st class Software Engineering degree, Amina has since dedicated herself to Website Development and Digital Marketing.