6 Ways to boost your SEO Score

The SEO score is in most cases derived from multiple factors. Here are some of them

Use of Appropriate HTML Code
From past experience, we have seen that sometimes website are built using incorrect use of code such as table layouts ect..It is extremely important to make use of proper HTML elements and CSS to create the desired layout. This includes < section>,< header>  ect…It is also important to make sure that the code is clean from errors.

We recommend using https://validator.w3.org/ to check the errors.

Responsive Design
Responsive design is a major factor when it comes to ranking. Its purpose is to allow users to access your website from all sorts of devices. The content is automatically scales according to the size and type of the device.

This provides a better user experience and could potentially encourage your visitors to come back again. The best way to do this is to amend the CSS file as example shown below.

Use of Graphics
The use of graphics and images is important if you want your website to appeal to your audience. You need to ensure that the images fit with your content.

It is a good practice to specify some image attributes as shown on example below. This helps the browser load the page faster and is also favorable by search engines.
Google places a high importance on alt texts to determine what is on the image but also the topic of content.

In situations where an image cannot be displayed, the alt text will be displayed to the visitor. This can also assist readers that are blind or visually impaired as the text will be read out to them.

Meta Tags
We were able to identify several Meta tags in the source code namely description and keyword. It is important to note that keyword tags are no longer used by Google. Meta descriptions on the other hand inform the user what your website is about and aims to convince them to click on it when searching on Google.

We suggest that the Meta description should be different on all pages. The aim of the Meta description is to inform the user what the page is about.

When writing an SEO description, one must ensure that it should not exceed 160 characters and most importantly matches with the content of the page.
It is important to remember that Google does not rank the website alone but webpages within the site.


Research shows that the text on a website should be at least 16 pixels in order to accommodate any types of reader. 16-pixel text on a screen is about the same size as text printed in a book.

SSL/Data Encryption
When requesting information from users on a website, it is crucial to encrypt sensitive data.
This can be done by purchasing an SSL certificate and installing it on the web server.
The SSL certificate informs visitors that their connection is secure and that the data collected is encrypted.

Important note: In order to accept payments on your website, you must pass several audits that show that you are complying with the PCI standards. One of the requirements includes the use of an SSL certificate.